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Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships are currently awarded at 7 Delaware County High Schools to a graduating senior who has been determined by the teaching staff to be the most involved in the school's art's programs.  Grants are awarded on a rolling basis to art based projects that benefit the community.

To Apply For A Grant:

It is our goal to fund art related projects in and outside of schools in Delaware County.  The projects can be large or small. They can be requests for materials, visiting artists, field trips, or studio visits.  ANY classroom teacher or artist is eligible.  Do you have a great idea for teaching science, math, history, or literacy through art?  Do you have an art project that benefits Delaware County and it’s residents? Art is all about creativity.  Use your imagination! There's no limit to possible ideas.

It is our intent to keep the process simple.  Write a brief proposal describing the project or program, including a detailed cost and how the students will benefit.  All grants are given on a rolling basis.  Submissions should be made to Mary MacNaught at

In return, we request visual documentation of funded projects to display at our annual fundraiser in August.


Delhi - Taylor Miller - junior award, Zoe-Marie Fuentes

Andes - Winnie Richards

Margaretville- Sage Finkle, Katlynn Shamro

Roxbury - Brandon Hallenback

South Kortright - Giulia Vardabasso

Franklin- Sheldan Robinson

Downsville - Tyler Shields


Completion of the Delhi Mural project, artist Joanna Murphy $6000

Music on the Delaware music workshops at Walton, Delhi, and Franklin schools and at the William B. Ogden library in Walton, artists Jay Unger and Molly Mason, Mile 12 Bluegrass, Dala $3000

Delaware Academy 4th grade fundamentals of watercolor painting, teacher Kathleen Taylor $600

Margaretville Central School Olympics of the Visual Arts, teachers Michele Dietz and Katy DiBennedetto $2300

The Roxbury Arts Group and Roxbury Central School 10th grade English students spoken word poetry, artist Joseph LMS Green $1500

Walton Middle School in collaboration with Townsend Elementary School 1st grade, Magical Creatures coloring book, teacher Lara Fassler $320

Delaware County Fair youth art awards $500

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, ovarian cancer research $2100


Andes Central School - Cheyenne Weaver, Bella Bourke

Delaware Academy - Emily Fairburn

Downsville Central School - Emily Pattison

Franklin Central School - Gloria Banks

Margaretville Central School - Brianna Perrone

Roxbury Central School - Sophia Maduri

South Kortright Central School - Georgia Protsko


Music on the Delaware, Walton and Delhi schools' workshops, $3000

Delhi Elementary School, Photography Club, $1000

Art in the morning program, $600

Margaretville Central School, Olympics of the Visual Arts, $1500

Roxbury Central School, Making mythical beasts with paper mache', $1580.75

Pottery studio visit, $185

Andes Central School, GoPro video camera setup, $700

Delhi Mural Project and landscape painting at Delhi High School, artist Joanna Murphy, $6000

Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative, SPARK literary magazine, $2500

Delaware Valley Agricultural Society, Delaware County Fair youth arts, $500

Downsville Central School, Bertha Rogers Beowulf project, $1775

COACD, Inc., summer internship, $2500

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, $3500


Andes Central School - Cierra Laurie

Delaware Academy - Catherine Dedominicus 

Margaretville Central School - Alana Moskowitz 

Roxbury Central School - Rebecca Jones

South Kortright Central  School - Danielle Lennon


Margaretville Central School - Mac minis for the art & design department, $2700, teacher Jen Wentland
Olympics of the Visual Arts, $1500, teachers Jen Wentland and Michele Dietz

South Kortright Central School - Furniture design class, $5000 to add a sculptural component, teacher Eric Sturtz

Andes Central School - Journaling, photography and art, $1000, teacher Sharon Tucker

Roxbury Central School - Kindness book, $240, teacher Erin Lyke

Delaware County Fair - Art department awards, $500

Delaware County Relay for Life, Kicking Cancer to the Curb team, $1000

Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative Corporation - SPARK art & literary magazine, $2500


Delhi - Casey Steffans

Andes - Jonathan Andrews

Margaretville - Chelsea Shultis

Roxbury - Erin Hubbell


Margaretville Central School - Olympics of the Visual Arts competition $1000,  teachers Jen Wentland and Michele Dietz

Impressionist painting $352, teacher Jen Wentland 

Roxbury Central School - Ditigal Photography $1032, teacher Al Vigna

Mosaic Tile Mural, $750, teacher Mike Reidlinger

Roshan Houshmand and the Andes Public Library - Art This Summer for Kids,  $750

Joanna Murphy - Arkville mural, $660

Donations to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - $1500 last year and $3000 this year.